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RI Charter Striper Fishing - Adventure Boat Block Island Sound

Enjoy a Rhode Island Striper fishing charter for bass and bluefish with captains Chris and Earl.

The Adventure is a great light tackle striped bass charter boat fishing the waters from Pt. Judith to Block Island.

Ah, the elusive Striper. Everyone loves catching them, and they provide a tremendous amount of fun. It is very rewarding when a large striped bass smashes a top water plug on the surface while your watching. I love the excitement generated when a big bass takes a trolled lure and the rod bends down to the foregrip and peels 100 feet of line off the reel. It is even better when the customer canít get the rod out of the rod holder because that bass is pulling too hard. Yes sir striper fishing really has its moments.

There are all kinds of methods and lures that can be used to catch striped bass. My favorite is topwater plugs. Nothing can beat actually seeing the fish smash the plug on the surface and roll with their tail in the air. Sometimes stripers actually jump out of the water when they hit, flying through the air with the plug spinning away from them.

Trolling is another popular way of fishing for Bass. It requires less skill on the part of the individual angler, but your captain better know what he's doing. We catch a lot of stripers trolling, and always let the boat drift as much as possible after hooking up. I just donít get it when other boats continue to troll even after both rods have hooked up. As they bring the fish in the last hundred feet you see it skipping across the surface. Wow.

An excellent way to catch striped bass is with light tackle and soft plastic lures. In 2012, we had to use a number of techniques to catch stripers. We used topwater plugs, swimming plugs, occasionally soft plastics, and parachute jigs to catch our fish.

Perhaps the most heart-pounding way to catch these fish is to cast to Bass at the surface feeding on schools of bait. The bait may at times pop up anywhere, as everyone scrambles to get a cast in and hook up. Sometimes one cast is all you get before the stripers move off or dive again, and the chase is on. We know how to find the bass fishing hot spots.

Bluefish can also be caught using all of these techniques. Pound for pound, they fight better than bass and usually provide an acrobatic display as you bring them up to the boat. Just watch out for their teeth!

We offer half day and full day trips for Striped Bass/Bluefish, leaving from Jimís Dock in Rhode Island. Jimís Dock is the closest marina to the RI South shore and Block Island.

We have a 10 fish per person possession limit on Bluefish, and 2 fish per person minimum 28” length for Striped Bass.  We will fillet and clean your fish for you.   We do encourage clients to keep only those fish they plan to eat, and release what they don’t.

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Photo of man holding fish
27lb Bass caught on Topwater plug

Photo of man holding fish
30lb Striped Bass caught while trolling

51lb Striper caught on soft plastic

Bass caught  feeding on surface


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