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Adventure Charters Rhode Island Fishing Pictures 2009

Photos from various 2004 trips on Adventure Charters

This was our first season of full time chartering using a 27' Owens Concord Flybridge vessel.  It was gas powered with twin 318 chrysler motors and really liked gasoline.  We had a great season, catching a lot of fish and doing more charters than most guys would have expected.

Our boat was located at Jim's Dock, which was a great location very close to the Galilee channel, a very short run out to the west gap.  We fished Block Island mostly, and the south shore west of Point Judith.  Since 1998 we have had a slip at Jim's Dock, after waiting over a year to get in.  It is an ideal location for any boat focused on recreational fishing, since it is right off the Galilee channel, putting you closer to the fishing than any other marina.


June 16th Half day flounder trip, Dave Maynor and company.
(15 flounder total, 10 keepers)



June 18 half day Flounder Trip, Dr. Jim Downey
23 Flounder (15 Keepers) and 3 black sea bass


June 20th Half day Bass Trip Olga's party
6 Bass and 1 bluefish (that was the limit, 2 per person).


June 24 Flounder Trip the Flagg Family from Rhode Island


June 27th Half day Flounder Trip, The Picketts
28 flounder (14 keepers) and 4 Black Sea Bass


June 28 Night Bass and Blues trip Sam and Chris
51 Bluefish and 4 Bass (very Happy and tired guys)


June 29 Bass and Blues Trip Lenard And Robert
21 Bluefish, 2 Bass


July 3 Bass and Flounder Trip The Dayton Family
11 Bass, 13 Bluefish, 11 Flounder (8 keeper bass, 5 keeper flounder)


July 9 Bass Trip Lauri Palmer Party
6 Bass, 8 Bluefish (6 keeper Bass)


July 12 Bass and Blues Trip Knut Royce Party
11 Bass and 21 Bluefish (7 keeper Bass)


July 15 Night Bass and Blues Trip
Sam and Chris again 2 Bass, 10 Bluefish
Very rough seas that night!!


July 22 Bass Trip the Busch Family
5 Bass and 4 bluefish


August 3rd 7 Hour Bass Trip Rick and Lynda
4 bass, many Bluefish Rhode Island fishing trip.


August 29 Bass Trip Josie Sullivan Transforma Pharm.
3 Bass and 16 Bluefish in a 3 hour Rhode Island fishing trip.


August 30 Variety Trip Tom Pritchard (4 hours)
11 Flounder (6 keepers), 1 Bass, 12 Bluefish
The king of flounders, weighed in at 9.98 pounds


September 12 Bass Trip - Matt Levinson beside
the 27pound Bass he caught (His grandfather holds it up for him).
Nice Job, Matt!!


September 14 Tuna Trip Renzo Ciccia of Rhode Island
2 Bluefin, 2 Yellowfin, 16 False Albacore, 1 Bonito (2 keepers)


September 16 Tuna Trip - Dan holds his first Bluefin
(3 Bluefins, 2 False Albacore, 1 Bonito, 3 keeper Bluefin)


September 26th Tuna Trip
14 Bluefin and 3 false albacore (4 keeper size Bluefins)

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