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Rhode Island Fishing Photos 2006 Season of Fishing

Fishing pictures for 2006.  We don't show every Charter trip, but we try to get in as much as possible during the season in Rhode Island.

The 2006 season was a very good one for us.  We added the Aces Wild light tackle charter boat and had many excellent fishing trips which were run from the new vessel.  You can see plenty of excellent fishing pictures below, we didn't get as many as we would have liked, our digital camera was not one of the best and many good photos came out too blurry.  You can see we ended up using a couple of blurry ones anyway.  So for 2007 we bought a really great camera that does both pictures and video.

Continued using our diesel powered carver fishing boat. 

10 pound Tataug taken near Narragansett
Alan holds a 10.5lb Tautog (Blackfish) caught during light tackle charter November 19, 2006

Beautiful Striper taken at Block Island
40" Long 22lb Bass caught during light tackle charter October 22, 2006

40lb Striped Bass taken at Block Island North Rip
Captain Chris with 40lb 48" Bass he caught during a charter captains' trip on October 16, 2006.
This fish was released unharmed to breed more bass (all the big ones are females).

Bass taken on the Southwest side of Block Island
This Angler holds his 28lb 42" long bass caught  on October 15, 2006

20 lb Bass taken at Block Island
Nice 20lb Bass taken on light tackle October 14, 2006

Doug Ickes holds an excellent Bass taken on Plug at Block Island
Doug holds a 38lbs 46-1/2" long Bass taken on spinning gear during light tackle charter on October 3rd

Wayne Ickes holds a very nice Bass taken on a plug October 3rd.
Doug's Father Wayne caught this 25lb 39" long bass  same trip October 3rd.

Zig holds two nice bass taken at Block Island
two bass caught during light tackle trip. Had so much fun he had to come back and do it again.
October 1st, 2006.  Still plenty of good fishing going on through October!!
The one on the right is 36" long and 17Lbs.

 Trophy Bass taken at Blcok Island North Rip
Beautiful 41lb 50" long bass taken on Light Tackle trip
Occurring September 15th.  Zig had this Bass mounted, it is on display.

Monster Bass taken at Block Island
September 16th: The Big one and some other Bass caught during light tackle trip.

Chris holds a nice Bonito she brought in all by herself.
Nice Tuna Chris Caught on September 17th

This fish bent the rod 90 degrees and pullled a lot of line off.
Bass 42" Long and 33lbs Ben and His Dad are loving it  (9/9/2006).

Nathan had quite a fight from this Bass, biggest he ever caught.
Nathan is rather happy with his 36" Bass (8/26/2006).

Pete with two more Block Island Bass.
8/23/2006 Pete is having a hard time holding these fish up.  Light Tackle trip.

Look at that Rod bend.
Look at the bend in that rod as Gina brings the Bass in on August 17th

OOOOH Yeaaaaaa.
32" Bass Gina caught August 17th.

Gina is straining to hold this striper up for the photo.
This Woman just couldn't get enough: She got first Bass, most Bass, and Biggest Bass (40" 31lbs).
(You can just see Gina can't wait for the picture to be over so she can put it down, it's heavy)

Yes, he did it all by himself, as his brother sticks his tongue out in the background.
Yes he did it all by himself.  His brother is jealous.

North Rip Bass from Block Island.
These Bass were caught on a light tackle trip.

These kids are a lot of fun to take out, they love catching fish.
Abigail and Henry with the Giant Bluefish they each caught on August 6th.

This charter was the best flounder trip of the season.
August 4th Flounder Trip:  78 flounder caught, 32 keepers

Brian and his dad Tom caught 15 bass during this light tackle trip
Brian Holds up 2 nice fish caught on a Mako light tackle trip.

Two nice early season Bass taken while trolling.
May 24, 2006 Trip Ben holds his biggest bass.

She is obviously pleased with this 37" 17lb Striped Bass.
May 26th Bass Trip she looks rather pleased.

What a clown.
Fred clowning around with the 37" Bass caught on a Light tackle trip

She told everyone how she got the biggest bass.
This 4'11" woman caught that big 40" fish! June 17 Bass Trip

Early season Flounder trip.
Tom Duffy June 30th Flounder Trip:  40 flounder (10 keepers) and 3 Bluefish.

These guys had a great time, as you can see are proud of their catch.
 John Woronowich's charter fishing boat trip.

Conner was very excited.
Conner isn't letting go of this 37" striper that he caught on July 5th

Nice Bass taken while trolling July 14th trip.
July 14th Full Day Bass Trip 40" Bass brought in after much groaning and cursing.

Fat Bass taken on Parachute jig July 14th.
July 14th Bass Trip:  Fat 37" Bass taken on Parachute jig.



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