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Adventure Charters Rhode Island Fishing Pictures 2011

Check out the latest big striper pictures, 2011 was fantastic for Bass fishing.

This was a spectacular season for us.  We had many successful bass trips, very often catching our limit in stripers on each trip.  Most of the time we were using topwater plugs or swimming plugs to catch fish, a very fun way of doing it.  There were lso time when diamond jigging did the job, and the fish fight so very hard when you catch them in deep water during a strong tide at Block Island.

The Tautog fishing was also very good during this season as you can see from the many photos below.  These fish are great fighters for their size, and getting them out of the rocks can be a real challenge.

This was the first year with our newer boat, the 35' Henriques Pilot House.   We love this vessel as do man of our clients, they come on board and are simply blown away by the absolutely huge cockpit area where the fishing action takes place.  This vessel is definitely here to stay for us.

November 8, 2011:  We caught a lot of big Tautog on this trip.

November 6, 2011:  Steve O'Brian with a 10.2lb Tautog.

October 31, 2011:  Giant 9lb Tautog caught on a green crab.

October 9, 2011:  Giant Sea Bass, one of 41 keepers.

September 24, 2011:  Big Fat 20lb striper taken on a jig.

September 12, 2011:  Charlotte with a Big 18lb striper taken on a butterfly jig.

September 12, 2011:  Nicole holds a nice bass she got near Block Island.

September 11, 2011:  Nice bunch of bass caught on this trip.

September 10, 2011:  Another nice Block Island Striper.

September 3, 2011:  JoAnne with a giant Bluefish she caught.

September 2, 2011:  Beautiful Striper taken on a swimming plug.

August 30, 2011:  Suzanne with a big fat 21lb striper taken on a plug.
She caught the biggest fish and the most fish on this trip.

August 23, 2011:  Another beautiful striped bass.

August 21, 2011:  Nice 28lb striped bass taken on a plug.

August 20, 2011:  Shannon with a beautiful 20lb striper.

August 19, 2011:  Another nice Bass.

August 16, 2011:  Nice keeper bass this boy brought in on his own.

August 12-2011:  Another fat Bass taken on a jig.

August 11, 2011:  Angus from the UK with a big fat bass he jigged up.

August 10, 2011:  Nice fat Bass caught on a white jig.

August 8, 2011: Matt with a beautiful fat bass taken on a parachute.

August 5, 2011:  Successful Striper Fishing Charter.

August 4, 2011: Russ with a very big bass caught near Block Island.

August 3, 2011:  Nice fat Bass taken on a plug near 1B1.

August 2, 2011:  Will with a nice bass taken on a plug.

August 1, 2011:  Nice big bass taken at Block Island.

July 31, 2011: Giant Bluefish taken on a parachute jig.

July 30, 2011:  Big Black Sea Bass taken with squid.

July 28, 2011:  Tom Heneghan caught this giant Flounder on a half day trip.

July 24, 2011: a nice fat bass taken on a topwater plug.

july 21, 2011:  Nice Fat striper caught on a plug.

July 16, 2011:  Benjamen struggles with this 20lb fish.

July 11,2011: Jim reeled it in but couldn't hold up this 30lb Cow.

July 9, 2011 Afternoon:  Beautiful 21lb Striper.

July 9, 2011:  Jim is very happy with this trophy size 46lb striper.

July 8, 2011:  Beautiful bass taken on a Top water Plug.

July 7, 2011:  Bernie with a giant 30lb striper that smashed a plug.

July 6, 2011:  Eva hooked and fought this fish herself on a bomber magnum plug.

July 5, 2011:  a 32lb cow that took a topwater plug.

July 3, 2011:  Rama with a large 38lb striper taken on a plug.

July 3, 2011:  Melanie with a nice 23lb striper taken on a jig.

July 1, 2011 Afternoon:  She jigged up this nice bass on her own.

July 1st, 2011 Morning Trip: nice bass taken on a bucktail jig.    

June 30, 2011:  Devant with a real nice striper caught near Block Island.

June 28, 2011: Tom caught this nice fat 40lb bass on a plug.

June 26, 2011: Rob with a huge 42lb bass he jigged up at Block Island.

June 25, 2011:  A nice keeper bass taken on a parachute.

June 24, 2011:  Fat bass taken with a plug.

June 22, 2011:  This 40lb striper took a topwater plug on a 17lb class rod.

June 21, 2011 Afternoon:  Donnell w/a fat bass that swallowed a parachute jig.

June 21, 2011 Morning:  This was the first fish she ever caught.

June 19, 2011: Afternoon:  Nice Bass taken on a parachute jig.

June 19, 2011: Morning Trip: Chris with a Big fat Block Island Bass.

June 18, 2011:  Big fat Bass taken near Block Island

June 16, 2011:  Another Block Island Bass

June 15, 2011: Nice fat bass taken near Block Island.

June 13, 2011:  Jennfer's Uncle holds this big bass she reeled in herself.
Very persistent little girl.

June 13, 2011:  Jennifer's Brother Jason with his first ever striped bass.

June 11, 2011:  Big Fat Block Island Bass.  The fish are here, it's time to book!

June 4, 2011: Big 20lb bass taken at Block Island.

May 26, 2011: First Bass caught on a charter on the new boat this year.
A 33" striper caught on a plug.

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